The relationship between distance of overhand ball throw and maximal ball speed of serve in elite junior tennis players


  • Károly Dobos
  • Csaba Nagykáldi



ball speed, correlation, plyometric movements


The aim of this research was to test the hypothesis that there is a positive correlation between the distance of the overhand ball throw and maximal ball speed of serve of elite junior tennis players for a wide-scale representative sample comprising both sexes (80 boys and 80 girls). A significant, positive correlation was found in both sexes (girls r=0.72; boys=0.78), which is why the application of overhand ball throw training and its use as a performance diagnostic method is suggested in the general preparation of elite junior tennis players.


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Dobos, K., & Nagykáldi, C. (2017). The relationship between distance of overhand ball throw and maximal ball speed of serve in elite junior tennis players. ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 25(73), 32–34.