Innovation in tennis: An overview of research


  • Miguel Crespo Integrity and Development Department, International Tennis Federation
  • Dolores Botella-Carrubí Universitat Politécnica de València
  • José Jabaloyes Universitat Politécnica de València



change, evolution, progress, technology


During the last decades the tennis ecosystem has been immersed in a gradual process of globalisation, professionalisation and commercialisation in an attempt to effectively respond to the increasing challenges of a rapidly evolving environment. This process has seen a number of innovations being applied in the sport. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of some of these practices as covered by both researchers and practitioners. It is concluded that research has mainly focused on technological innovations of tennis products created to increase the experience of the players. It is suggested that further studies should investigate service, policy and administrative innovations in the game.


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Crespo, M., Botella-Carrubí, D., & Jabaloyes, J. (2021). Innovation in tennis: An overview of research. ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 29(83), 28–30.




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