Selection criteria for intelligent devices for tennis


  • Ángel Iván Fernández-García
  • Gema Torres-Luque



tennis, new technologies, training


Today coaches can resort to a great number of devices that contribute to the tennis training process. Still, more often than not, the selection of one device over another creates uncertainty due to the great variety in the market, and to the lack of knowledge about the performance of the different models. Therefore, the target of this study is to provide some detailed technical information about the performance of those devices that provide technical and kinetic data, and to present some criteria for coaches and players to rely on, in order to get the tool that best suits their needs.


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Fernández-García, Ángel I., & Torres-Luque, G. (2018). Selection criteria for intelligent devices for tennis. ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 26(76), 20–22.




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