Tennis player development: From junior to professional transition stage


  • Pancho Alvariño
  • José F Altur
  • Miguel Crespo



phases, evolution, long term, planning


This article justifies the reasons why, in our opinion, the transition from junior to professional is the most important development stage for a tennis player since it will determine his or her future. The development process and plan must be carried out on an ongoing basis, since there is little time, in general, not more than three years. The coach must facilitate the development of the plan with his knowledge and help the player to meet his/her goals in this stage.


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Alvariño, P. ., Altur, J. F., & Crespo, M. (2016). Tennis player development: From junior to professional transition stage. ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 24(68), 27–30.




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