Emotions in young tennis players: a new tennis-specific scale


  • Antonio Daino Federazione Italiana Tennis
  • Vanessa Costa Federazione Italiana Tenis
  • Riccardo Martori Federazione Italiana Tennis
  • Sergio Costa Federazione Italiana Tennis




Scale, Tennis Questionnaire, Emotions, Test SPET


To understand and assess responses related to the inadequate management of emotions in tennis competition, it has been developed the “Scale Perception Emotion Tennis” (SPET). This article will describe how the SPET tool could represent a first step in the direction of increasing awareness of the players and could be used by the coaches to compare their perception of the player’s emotions with the one of their athletes.


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Daino, A., Costa, V., Martori, R., & Costa, S. (2021). Emotions in young tennis players: a new tennis-specific scale. ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 29(85), 18–21. https://doi.org/10.52383/itfcoaching.v29i85.290