A practical example of strengthening governance in Japanese College Tennis Clubs





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In 2019, the Japan Sports Agency formulated the Sports Organizations Governance Code, a code not directly applicable to college sports clubs. However, as seen in the scandal of the American football club of Nihon University, it is necessary to strengthen the governance of all college sports clubs, including tennis. Therefore, we conducted a governance survey at 268 Japanese college tennis clubs in 2021. The representatives of each college were asked to report their demographics and respond to the assessment measures regarding the governance of college tennis clubs. A simple tabulation and cross-analysis were conducted, and the Chi-square test or Fisher’s exact test were used at a significance level of five percent. Based on the results of the survey, we developed a “Governance Self-Assessment Sheet” for college tennis clubs. In this study, we introduce the outline of the results of the survey by comparing the governance of sports organizations in different countries. Moreover, a practical case study of Keio University in Japan, which is the world’s first university to use the Sheet, will be discussed based on the results of a new survey conducted in 2022.


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Author Biographies

Shion Hotta, Keio University


Vice Director, Hirano Seminar in Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Keio University

Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education (Former affiliation), The University of Tokyo

Mamoru Yamamoto, Tokyo Bar Association, Japan

He is a Japanese attorney and holds a J.D. degree. He also engages in educational and research activities as a part-time lecturer at Chuo University Law School, among others.


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