Building foundations for the future: A case study with LTA Youth


  • Sam Richardson Lawn Tennis Association, Great Britain
  • Matt Smith Lawn Tennis Association, Great Britain
  • Merlin Van de Braam Lawn Tennis Association, Great Britain



Learning strategy, early years, player-centred, attraction


This article discusses modern challenges experienced when developing tennis players including low levels of physical literacy. It then outlines the needs of a young child and learning strategies that can be used. A brief overview of some practical strategies for engaging early years participants, using a player-centred approach, are shared using examples from LTA Youth with explanations of how each exercise integrates key principles to attract and retain early years participants. 


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Richardson, S., Smith, M., & Van de Braam, M. (2021). Building foundations for the future: A case study with LTA Youth . ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 29(85), 46–49.