Accommodate and adapt- coaching in COVID-19 environment


  • Karl Davies United States Tennis Association
  • Craig Morris
  • Butch Staples



COVID-19, coaching, methodology


Tennis play worldwide has been heavily impacted by COVID-19, with many of our landmark events not being played or postponed to non-traditional times. Many tennis facilities have had to close due to governmental restrictions to stem the growth of the coronavirus pandemic. As we start to come out of this lockdown, there is an opportunity to leverage the health benefits and natural physical distancing aspects of tennis to come out stronger and increase our global awareness of our sport, where one can play while having fun at any age. A major stakeholder in this realization is the coach. It is hoped that this article can provide some practical insight into how with a laser focus on learning methodology, skill acquisition, and a player-centered approach, we can accommodate, adapt and grow our sport.


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